WANTED: Country manager for Estonia

Are you business minded person? Do you want to be part of fast-growing fintech? Join us in early stage in Estonia!

Fastest growing FinTech start-up in Baltics, whose team has a strong background in banking, finance and IT field. Altero is an automated platform, where customers can receive within a short period of time several lenders’ offers in one place. Altero service is available for private and legal persons.


 Altero.lv launched its platform in June 2016 and since then we have served more than 180 000 clients and over all there have been granted 160 million EUR via Altero platform within Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Altero is looking for country manager to join our Estonian team.


Job description

  • Manage all operations within Estonia. This involves taking responsibility for profit, revenue, cash and quality targets;
  • Sales and marketing strategy development, target implementation and product development;
  • Attract new partners and negotiate with the existing one, working out the best way for collaboration;
  • Network effectively with partners and develop strong professional relationships;
  • Synthesize monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on progress and development;
  • Recruit and manage staff, including performance monitoring, and possibly mentoring and training.

Skills and qualification

  • Passion for Finance, Financial Technologies, Sales;
  • Higher education degree in Business/ Finance/ Economics;
  • Knowledge and experience in digital marketing is a great benefit;
  • Experience in consumer loan and/ or SME loan business;
  • Experience in position related to business development, head of marketing or sales department;
  • Outstanding negotiation skills;
  • Decisive and committed;
  • Analytical thinker with superior problem-solving skills;
  • Good knowledge of languages: Estonian; Russian, English.

We offer:

  • Competitive reward package, all social guarantees;
  • Be a part of rapidly growing Fintech company;
  • Full support from team in Latvia;
  • Salary from 2000 to 4000 EUR gross + bonuses for reaching KPI’s.  The salary depends on the level of competence and experience.

If you are seeking for new challenges and professional growth, definitely join Altero – the fintech start-up! 

Please send your CV and motivational letter in English to hr@altero.lv.

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